Friday, January 29, 2010

Interview Questions You Should Be Prepared to Answer

There are certain questions that you are likely to be asked in your next interview. Make the best of your interview preparation time by practicing your responses to the following.

-Tell me about yourself.
-Describe the key responsibilities in your last job.
-What did you like most and least about your last position?
-Describe a problem you had to recently solve.
-What are some of your weaknesses?
-In what ways are you uniquely suited for this position?
-Describe your personality and work style.
-What are your salary expectations?
-Why do you want to work here?

The Green Workforce

Members of all generations are enthusiastically talking about the “Green Economy”. Go to an O*NET special report “The Greening of the World of Work” ( to learn more about occupations, recent trends, and workforce implications for each of following 12 green sectors.

Renewable Energy Generation
Energy Efficiency
Green Construction
Energy Trading
Energy and Carbon Capture
Research, Design, and Consulting Services
Environment Protection
Agriculture and Forestry
Recycling and Waste Reduction
Governmental and Regulatory Administration