Friday, December 10, 2010

Capitalize on the Holidays!

Each year at this time I hear clients say, "I think I will take the holidays off and begin my search again in January". There is certainly a myth out there that no one hires in December or that December is the worst month of the year to be job seeking. By the amount of activity our alumni have been recently experiencing, there is nothing further from the truth! Many of you have been calling and emailing about interview tips and salary negotiation strategies. Yes, the economy is stronger than we have seen in a few years. Use this month to purposefully reconnect with former supervisors, colleagues, and clients. Send cards, emails, or simply make a telephone call wishing others a happy holiday season. Take advantage of holiday open houses and parties. This is the time of year when feelings of peace on earth and goodwill make networking much easier. Social occassions and year end networking can go a long way towards building trust and may help open doors for business opportunities next quarter.