Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Each January 1st, rather than resolving to lose 5 pounds or exercise more, I begin the new year by reading two professional development books. My selections are books that transcend specific industries and are more generic in their advice or findings. This information comes in handy when socializing with friends or networking with professionals who are not in my industry. With the economy starting to show signs of improvement, what will you commit to this year as part of your professional development action plan? Perhaps you will take this week to update your LinkedIn profile and photo. In fact, if you are not using LinkedIn, you are missing out on a real networking opportunity as more and more headhunters and recruiters are using this tool to solely source their candidates or review professional backgrounds and skill sets. Perhaps this month you will take the time to research a new career field and schedule some informational interviews. Another idea would be to start that blog that you have had on the back burner. Yes, the new year's economy is off to a better start than we have seen for awhile. Sieze the chance to make a career transition this year and take control of your life.