Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Always Follow Up

Have you ever submitted your resume to an employer, receiving no response in return? This is a scenario that I hear from job seekers quite frequently. Realistically, employers are flooded with resumes on a daily basis, and often don’t have time to review every resume they receive. Ask yourself how you can get the employer to pay attention to your resume. Answer: follow up! According to Daniel Bergmann, Sales Recruiter for TQL, following up can set you apart from your competition. “Following up on an application shows that you are proactive and serious about the job. This gives the employer or recruiter a reason to move your resume to the top of the pile.” Dan Parker, Employee Relations Manager at Climate Solutions Ingersoll Rand, couldn’t agree more. “Always follow up. This puts a name and voice with a resume.” If you can connect a real person to your resume, employers are more likely to select it out of the stack of hundreds to review. After you apply for a position, give the employer a call to ensure that they have received your application material. Career coach, Mary Jeanne Vincent stated in her February monthly online newsletter, “The rule of thumb is no more than three interactions (phone, email, voice mail) within 10 days. Don’t call back every day for an update — that is harassment and will earn your resume a place in the round file.” Convey your interest in the position, and inquire about a timeline for the interviewing process. - Posted by Kelly Higgins, UK Alumni Career Counselor