Monday, January 30, 2012

Career Counseling Homework Assignments

When working with motivated alumni, we find that many actually really enjoy it when we assign homework between sessions. This may seem strange until you think about it. First, it makes clients feel like they are doing something productive towards their goal of becoming gainfully employed. Second, the process of soul searching is one that few people have been given the tools to do in life and can be very enjoyable and satisfying.
One of the homework assignments that we recently put together and are just starting to use is the Randomly Acquired Knowledge (RAK) assignment. We are finding this assignment particularly helpful when clients do not have a clear focus. Here are the basic directions that we have put together in a handout.
“What do you know about? What knowledge have you accumulated? What information do your family and friends come to you for? Even if you don’t think something is relevant, a big deal or useful to know, write it down.”
Our other standby homework assignment is the good old Brainstorming List exercise. Most of our clients get this in their first session or at a workshop. It includes space to start listing careers to explore with a pro and con column.
If you are a UK alumni and would like a copy of these assignments, please email

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